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Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University

Economics and Business Faculty

Call for papers for the V International Scientific Conference

"Challenges of Globalization in Economics and Business"

6-7 November, 2020

Text format requirements:

• The paper should be submitted in A4 format in MS Word;
• Margins: top – 20 mm; left – 20 mm; right – 20 mm; bottom – 20 mm;
• Font: Sylfaen for papers in Georgian; Times New Roman for papers in English and Russian. Interval between the lines 1.15;
• Formulas should be prepared in formula editor Equation;
• Figures and other illustrations should be prepared in JPEG or BMP format;
• On the first line - the title of the paper (13 Pt, Bold);
• One line below - surname and initials of the author (authors) (12 Pt, Bold), scientific (academic) degree and affiliation;
• On the following line – full name of the organization (12 Pt, Bold);
• Two lines below – references (10 Pt, Italic font, not more than 500 characters);
• Two lines below - the content of the paper (11 Pt);
• Two lines below – references (10 Pt);
• Two lines below - Summary in English (10 Pt, not more than 500 characters, must be included: the title of the paper, author's surname, name and academic degree, all the information in English);
• References used in the text should be noted in a scholium;
• In the list of references should be indicated just the used ones in the text;
• The article should not exceed 8 pages;/p>
• The article should not exceed 10 pages;

Reference format requirements:
For books (monographs):
• Surname and initials of the author (authors);
• Title of the book;
• Place of publication;
• Publishing house;
• Year of publication;
• Number of pages;
For scientific papers (articles):
• Surname and initials of the author (authors);
• Title of the paper;
• Title of the journal (conference, congress, etc.);
• Place of publication;
• Year of publication;
• Volume of the journal, pages;
• The presented article will pass the secret review. In case of positive answer, the article will be published in the collection of scientific works;

Contact to: Nino Lobzhanidze
Tel:2250484 (9733); +995 558 11 03 08;


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